Skills are the most important part of Popmundo. Without them, you'll won't be able to compose, jam, record or even play songs on stage. The music core of Popmundo is only an example; actually you won't be able to do anything good without skills…


In order to make the 216 skills easier to classify, the game gathers them in 19 categories: Music, Social, Sexual, Criminal, Police, Medicine, Sports, Business, Spiritual, Artistic, Musical Instrument, Music Genre Skills, Stage & Performance, Science, Firemen, Nature & Resources, Paranormal Sciences, Crafting, Miscellaneous.


There are three ways to learn a skill: by reading a book, from a Master/Mistress, or by going to the university. You'll see that some skills cannot be learn from a book, so if you want one of them, you'll have to choose one of the two other ways.


For every skill learnable from a book, we display the lowest price you can find it for in a shop, the "default" price. Of course, shops set the prices they want.


Some skills are used for some interactions. Some of them have a time limitation; for example, you can only use your Astrology skill only once every 60 minutes.


In order to be learnt, some skills need other skills with at least a specific level. So you must own every skill needed with the specific level before you can learn the skill you're currently checking.

Higher Learning

This will show you which skills you can learn with the one you're currently checking.


Unreleased Skills