Welcome on the Popmundo Bible

One of the most important features of the Bible is its multilingual support. Thanks to some volunteers, we try to offer you most of the languages which can be displayed on Popmundo.

Making and managing this website is a big task. That's why your advice, comments and any other kind of feedback will always be appreciated.

What the heck?!

Whaaaat? How dare you call that piece of website a “bible”? With all those missing items and recipes?

Well, we must admit the previous name was the Popmundo Skills Bible. But since this renaming done several years ago — and which was made because recipes and other stuff were in project, a real lack of motivation started to grow inside our good old fellow Jörgy and the website started becoming really sleepy. But now that our beloved founder and developer has finally awaken, we just have to fill those damn holes all around the database.


Some figures…

Up to now, the Popmundo Bible indexes 216 skills, 4 recipes and 2011 items.

There are 4 516 registered members — who have created 5 054 characters.

To this day, the website has been visited around 1 270 851 times, 151 today in particular. There are by the way 6 people hanging out on this very website right now.