Skateboard Tricks & Holidays

Time flies and I'm still working hard on the website, whenever I can. This is a good news, as it's been some years since the last time I added so much content here!

This evening, I released two new things:
- Skateboard tricks are now listed and available for everyone right here on the Global menu. It gives some info and advice to pull them off.
- Tricks progression is available in the Members Area. Just like I did some years ago with Hang Ten & Kobe Sutra, it's a useful tool to record your progression in mastering the 33 skateboard tricks existing in PPM/TGH. I hope you'll find this useful.

The other addition is displaying the current holiday. The release day of this feature is not a good example to see the result, but the end of the year 123 is coming, so you should see the result soon enough. This is not a major feature but it pimps the homepage!

If you'd like to follow the development of the website, my advice would be to subscribe to my ingame blog (CharID 69343).

See ya!