Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboarding tricks were introduced in Popmundo on April 10th, 2019. While it was possible to own a board for ages, players had to wait a long time before being able to perform tricks with it. There are so far 33 different tricks, which can be performed by using your board in a park where a skatepark is built.

Each interaction with your board will randomly make you pull off a trick. However, once a trick is mastered There are several diary entries you can get:

Diary entry Interpretation & Effect
Oh no, I tripped and fell when I tried to learn the 990 Melvin Flip. Better luck next time I guess. Failed to pull-out a trick
Oh yeah! I finally managed to do the 990 Melvin Flip! Trick pulled-out after at least one failure
Wow! I just pulled off the 990 Melvin Flip on my first attempt! Trick pulled-out on your first try
Bummer, I almost mastered the 990 Melvin Flip. I'll nail it soon enough! Trick already pulled-out but failed to be master afterwards.
Yes! I finally mastered the 990 Melvin Flip! Practice makes perfect! Trick mastered!
Great Scott! I just defied gravity by doing the 720 McFly Flip perfectly on my McFly Hoverboard! What a masterpiece! When your character manage to pull-out this very trick using a McFly Hoverboard.
Followed by the gaining of the Survived the 720 McFly Flip achievement.
I amassed a pretty big crowd doing some spectacular tricks with my Skateboard. Everyone enjoys seeing a pro in action! Using your board in a skatepark once you mastered all the tricks.

You can try to perform a trick once every 4 hours, and as skateboarding is an activity which implies physical effort, falls and other traumatising experiences for the body, your character must be at least 5 years old to face the skateparks.

You'll find below the different tricks indexed so far, ordered by alphabetic order.

# Name
1 5-0 Tailgrind
2 720 McFly Flip
3 990 Melvin Flip
4 Back to back 180
5 Backside 180
6 Backside 360
7 Backside Bigspin
8 Cannonball
9 Chinese Nollie
10 Fallen Madonna
11 Frontside 180
12 Frontside 360
13 Frontside Air
14 Frontside Bigspin
15 Full-frontal 720
16 Gazelle Spin
17 Hurricane
18 Impossible Airwalk
19 Japan Air
20 Kickflip
21 Nollie Shove It
22 Nosegrind
23 Noseslide
24 Ollie
25 Overcrook Grind
26 Pressure spin / Blindside
27 Railslide
28 Railstand
29 St Kobe 360 Powerslide
30 Swingslide
31 Tailslide
32 Toeslide 720
33 Tripple Nosegrab