Found True Beauty Quest

It's been a while since the last time I added some content on the website. There's something I worked during the Autumn 2021 and which has been paused for a (long) while.

You can now access to a guide for the « Found True Beauty » quest. The exercise for me was to try new things, like an interactive map when exploring the Ancient Greece, and mostly to work on interactive svg maps (as I did for St Kobe quests, but more interactive). You can find many info by hovering the different squares displayed on the map for instance.

Even if this quest is not a very rewarding one and that he could sound funny to continue working on the Bible with the end of Popmundo development announced two months ago, I wanted to finish this section.

Maybe someday I'll take some time to work on other quests (Norwegian Sea, Seven Seas, Wasteland, Mars, etc.) but making these interactive maps takes really a lot of time. We'll see…

Bye for now, take care everyone!