Items & the Library

Dear all,

I'm enjoying some vacations in Germany, and took advantage of this free time to work a little on the website. I finished two things I started to work on a while ago:

- Items
Finally! It's been years since I wanted to add them. There are chances that I'll change some things in the design of the Items page, but let's try with this. The purpose is to display a maximum of info – the basics and the details (like how/where/when to use, how to obtain, etc.).
There are a plenty of missing items for now of course, but I hope I'll be able to complete this area soon. The new section explained below should help me succeeding in this task.

- The Library
This was something I wanted very much: a tool for you, in order to send me some reports about missing data. Feel free to feed the library with screenshots and comments.

The next step is the recipes of course.
I started to work on something some years ago, but I didn't take a new look to it, mostly I'll have to start all over again.

And since I'm talking about website updates, I launch a new poll: should I keep this design or evolve to something like the current Popmundo design?

Kind regards,
Jörgy xxx