Huge database update

I hope you are going fine even now our Popoverse has this sword of Damocles floating above its head.

Quite times here on the Popmundo Bible, and as often, I can't say if there will be any new feature/content released soon, or if the website will remain stuck for eternity.

Actually, I have a huge technical update to do on all my websites, and depending on how many things will be broken after it, it might (in the best case) cause not much trouble, or (in the worst case) so many broken things that I might need to close the website. Hopefully, in this last case, it'll be temporary.

In you can read this entry, that can mean two things: 1) I didn't started the update yet or 2) the update has ended and it's working!

Have a nice Easter all!


PS: well, it seems it worked perfectly :)