Travel Route

In the old days, before we got highway systems, people actually used to travel on these small roads. Nowadays they're left as tourist attractions and animation studios make blockbuster movies about the vehicles that go down these roads.


This locale type doesn't exist anymore.

Back in P1, when tour planes didn't exist, the travel routes were links between two cities, and were the only way to move from one city to another. Routes were added by devs when a city was created and added to the city public company, but according to some cities building rules, some private roads could be built.

It was depreciated with the release of P2 and all travel roads were AWFULY removed from the game, to be replaced by the Highways out of town, which allow any kind of road trip, even the most illogical ones.

Here's the list of positions available before the removal.

Job Salary ($/€) Weight Cumulative Related attribute Related skill
Cleaner 160 - 1900 3 Full None None
CEO* 720 - 8550 0 Declining Intelligence (mediocre) Basic Economics
Security Guard 240 - 2850 3 Full None None
Worker 240 - 2850 3 Full None None

*NOTE: there can be only one CEO by locale.