The airport is used by people travelling the world by air. When landing after a commercial flight in a new city you'll end up here unless you're a VIP and have a home in this city, if that's the case the VIP limo service will drop you off at home instead.


Here are the different positions you can take in this place.

Job Salary ($/€) Weight Cumulative Related attribute Related skill
Assistant 240 - 2850 2 Declining Looks None
Cleaner 160 - 1900 1 Declining None None
Sales person 280 - 3325 1 Declining Charm (mediocre) None
CEO* 720 - 8550 1 None Intelligence (mediocre) Basic Economics
Security Guard 240 - 2850 4 Declining None None
Engineer 400 - 4750 4 Declining None Basic Engineering

*NOTE: there can be only one CEO by locale.