City Hall

City Hall is from where the local politicians rule their cities. Although the mayor is rarely present here it's still a good place to visit to air your political views and receive help with everything regarding your citizenship.

You become a citizen of this world by purchasing a citizenship for credits. Once you've done that all matters regarding your citizenship is handled here at city hall.


Here are the different positions you can take in this place.

Job Salary ($/€) Weight Cumulative Related attribute Related skill
Assistant 240 - 2850 5 Declining Looks None
Cleaner 160 - 1900 5 Declining None None
CEO* 720 - 8550 5 None Intelligence (mediocre) Basic Economics
Security Guard 240 - 2850 0 Declining None None
Accountant 400 - 4750 0 Declining None Accounting

*NOTE: there can be only one CEO by locale.