The 2017 session

Hi there everybody!

I don't know how long this session will last, you could see these last five years that I'm quite… unpredictable with the Popmundo Bible development. You all know what to do here: BLAME CONNIE.

In my opinion, there are two facts:
- I enjoy adding new sections to the website, which is GOOD;
- I'm clearly outdated about the game content, like the new achievements, skills, items, quests, so I can't add content in an efficient way, which is BAD.

Gathering a team around me in order to collect data and writing guides (explain achievements & quests for instance) failed EVERY TIME I tried. And it compromises quests & stuff, since I can't focus on coding & collecting/writing, it's way too much for me unfortunately. Hopefully, I'll find a solution soon or later.

Anyhow, I just added Cities here. It's pretty drastic now, but I'd like to add more specific infos, like all particular places (beaches, forests, and things I'm probably not aware of).

On the pipe: Generic locales & Employment, and of course Items & Recipes
Also to help me adding new content, a page allowing you to submit new content with all kind of proofs (ID, screenshots, etc.). I should definitely focus on that.

Time to wish you a happy new year by the way, and most of all a good night or a good day, depending on where you're crashing today.

Love ya,