Introducing half stars

I've always been against putting on the half stars on the Bible since Popmundo 2.0 arrived, for two reasons:

- Half stars are VIP only on Popmundo, and the Bible has to be designed for every kind of users;
- When P2 was launched, the devs updated all the skills requiring an impair number of stars in P1, in order to remove half stars as prerequisites on P2, which is fairer for non-VIPs.

Knowing that, half stars would become just an extra feature, making easier to see our skill level. That's why I didn't use half stars in the Bible, as they weren't essential to the game.

But I recently noticed that employments haven't been updated and that some of them still require half stars. I hope this will be fixed soon, meanwhile it made me change my mind about half stars, so here they are.

If someday devs fix the job requirements, I'll let them active. After all, it's up to you to use them or not in your member area.

And since I'm talking about employments, I've to admit I didn't find on P2 the page we had on P1, listing all the jobs and their requirements. This is something which should definitely be added to the Bible.

Stay tuned for more news!