A new era

Welcome on the third version of the Popmundo Bible!

It finally took a whole year to “complete” the job. Well, since absolutely nothing has been done between october and two weeks ago, let's pretend it wasn't really a whole year.
Anyway, why the word complete is between quotation marks? Well, I've to admit that there's still a lot of work to do, but a year without nothing concrete was too much. These last days, I mainly focused on the translation tool, since it was a prerequisite for a public release. And since this now works, I allow myself to introduce you this new version.

Almost everything which was on the previous version is here, except two points for the members: what they can do on stage & what job they can take. I'll take care of that really soon. And of course, I'd like to introduce items, recipes, quests and a lot of things soon.

There's a last part I'd like to talk about: it's not something which happens on a daily basis, but I sometimes receive some really kind messages and it really means a lot to me. Feedbacks and suggestions are essential to improve the Popmundo Bible. Since I'm sick of those forum scripts, I've opened a social club on Popmundo. I know they're only available to VIP, but from now this is the new forum for this project. It's open to everyone, just contact me to be introduced. For every other fellows who aren't VIP, I'm still open to private messages in-game as well. Have a wonderful sunday!