To a third version…

The Popomundo Bible is quite a fascinating project. Since its beginning, on January 31st 2008, it's all about cycles:
2008 was full of updates, then 2009 was a big break. The second version was released in the early months of 2010 and then I announced the end of the Bible development in February 2011.

This last decision was taken as I wasn't really motivated by this project nor the game itself anymore. I stayed there mainly to translate Popmundo 2.0 in French, actually.

But things have changed, I'm now back in the game for real, and when I look at the Bible, I'm not really satisfied with it. Popmundo developers told that Popmundo 1.0 source code is messy and not easy to deal with when they want to make some updates.
It's actually the same thing here: the html code is a mess and I think I should change this.

There are a lot of players who seem not to like the design of Popmundo 2.0. I think there are really good things actually, even if it's far from perfect. But I think this design would perfectly fit to the Bible.

I've to improve some of my skills to copy this design as things have changed a lot on Popmundo 2, but yey, I wanna change the PPM Bible face. And since I'm a really old player, the first skin available will be the Retro one, with a big POPOMUNDO for the header.

There is no release date announced for now. Hope it'll only take a few weeks… And since I changed the "Popmundo Skills Bible" into "Popmundo Bible" years ago, maybe it's finally time to add recipes… We'll see :)

Have a good summer (for the Northern Hemisphere, at least)!