PPM Bible 2.1

Hello folks!

Actually, I don't really know what to say to introduce this version, so here are the facts: I've removed almost every bug I knew.

Here are some new features:
- Members can now add several skills at the same time;
- Members can set a display name for their account in order to comment news (I'd like to add an internal forum later instead of keeping the phpBB one);
- Members can get a new password by mail if they forget their password;
- Members can display the skills they can learn by alphabetic order;
- Thanks to a big update of the database encoding, the alphabetic orders should be better for every language;
- The damn stars count bug in the “Define your skills” page is finally over — I hope :D ;
- “Members” & “Skills” menus are displayed wherever you are on the website;
- Members can see what officies they can apply for.

Finally, instead of indexing skills only, the skills section starts to become a real help center for people. And the first step is the Pharmacology skill. I really want to make this section complete but as I don't know how many skills work, I'd be glad to get some help.

If you find any bug, please send me a message.

I hope you'll enjoy this fresh update.