Still here!

Hi everyone,

I'm really and deeply touched by the messages you left directly or indirectly to me about how you'll miss the PPMB.
As I'm still active on the web, I'll keep the PPMB opened on my personal website once the current hosting is over (actually it's not before september).

As far I can imagine how things will be, I guess I'll let it as it is now, and will of course add new skills. I guess the new PPM version will change some things, like categories, I'll keep the data updated. But bugs won't be solved for sure and I won't add new features nor increase the members area quality…

Anyhow, if there's a major update about Skills on PPM2.0, I'll update the bible in order not to share wrong informations.

Thanks again for your support, I'll let you know when the website is moved :)