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Advanced Hypnosis

Advanced Hypnosis is a hidden skill which was formerly known as a requirement to the Electronica stage event Strobe Madness. It could also be found on the Basic Psychology skill page, on Popmundo. If you're a VIP player, you could see that 2 stars are needed if you want to learn Advanced Hypnosis. It seems that the use of the Kobe Tai's Paranormal Secrets DVD was needed to learn this skill, but this item has been lost. But since June 2009, in order to prepare a fair Popmundo Festival, Strobe Madness doesn't need this skill anymore, which was replaced by Audience Awareness. Moreover, its name has been replaced by a simple Secret skill on the Basic Psychology skill page.


In order to learn this skill you must first have enough stars in the following skills.

Basic Psychology


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